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Excelsior Performance

The Latin word "excelsior" is often translated as “higher” or “ever upward”.  At QL3 Strategies we believe starting and operating a nonprofit is a higher calling.  The tools, strategies, structures and operations necessary for fulfilling this higher calling are constantly changing.  Excelsior Performance is QL3 Strategies organizational excellence program for helping nonprofits move ever upwards.  The program is capable of addressing all aspects of organizational growth and change.


Performance Spheres:


Strategic Assessment & Analysis

  1. Mission statement evaluation and refinement

  2. Goal setting

  3. Constructing or improving data collection to improve operations

  4. Program assessment & analysis

  5. Mission aligned budget construction 


 Asset Development

  1. Event-based development (walks, runs, rides, balls, dinners, etc.)

  2. Online development (website, email, social media, etc.)

  3. Program/Marketing/Development Alignment and Integration

  4. Finding and creating partnerships (in-kind, shared income, program-based)

  5. Working with high-profile individuals


Human Assets

  1. Creating a work atmosphere conducive to performance

  2. Creative benefits to draw top employment candidates

  3. For the C-level staff:  Strategies for board management

  4. For the Board of Directors:  Strategies for managing the C-level staff


Technical Topics

  1. Branding, Marketing and Organizational Leverage

  2. The Annual Report, a powerful tool for growing your organization

  3. Understanding and building the “back-end” of your organization

  4. Understanding and implementing an information technology strategy


Additional Services

  1. Meeting/event moderation



Contact us to discuss how QL3 Strategies can help you grow your organization.


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